by Foxhollow

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released June 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Foxhollow Medford, Oregon

Indie/Alternative Rock duo from Southern Oregon.

Evan Kunze
Tim Stickrod

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Track Name: Good god
I don't really know anything about You, I just want to believe what I want to believe. I understand who You are and what do you know you're a lot like me.

What a good god.

I'll just invent you now, I'll put you into a song. I'll Proclaim it from every mountain top. For god so loved the world that he sent his son to die for my prosperity.

What a good god.

I don't really care who you want me to be, I just want what I thinks best for me. I've grown accustomed to a certain degree of comfort.

Oh god I love you when there is something I need, but when all is well you're the last thing on my mind. I think I love you to a certain degree. I just love what you can do for me.

What a good god.
Track Name: The Light
We've been effected by our surroundings, its everything we know. Now we've connected fact and fiction.

I don't see it, the purpose in our life.
I think we've lost sight of what these lives are for.

We've been infected by lies so bold that they are believable. Now we've rejected the truth we've been told.

I don't see it, the purpose in our life.
I think we've lost sight of what these lives are for.

How can we say there is light?
How can we say there's a way when we've lost it?
How can we say that we love him when we just profit from his name?
Track Name: Casting Stones
After all of this talk it seems that I've been critiquing reflections of myself. I cause a ripple effect when I cast stones at the ones I should love.

I'm always casting stones.

My heart is just as broken as its always been. You see I'm more of a problem than a solution. I'm a pharisee of the modern day. I'm always casting stones.

I'm always casting stones.

God would You heal me of my hypocrisy.