by Foxhollow

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released August 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Foxhollow Medford, Oregon

Indie/Alternative Rock duo from Southern Oregon.

Evan Kunze
Tim Stickrod

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Track Name: The Shelter
we built it up we built it good we built a shelter of brick and wood we built it tall we built it wide we built a place where we could hide can you see that this whole thing is headed down straight for the ground it kept us warm it kept us safe it kept us hidden from His face we loved the shelter from the start it kept us hidden from his heart there has got to be something more here there has got to be so much more here i thought that i would never sin that way i thought i would keep it hidden for another day i thought that i could be a better man maybe if i try hard i still can i thought that i really knew it all but i never learned enough to fall
Track Name: Gone To Hell
why am i standing if im not standing for anything worth while why am i laughing if i dont even know how to smile where is the beauty that i thought that this world once had why am i jaded now and everything just looks so sad dont you tell me that its going well when i know everything has gone to hell i dont even know who i am these days but i hear everythings ok who am i singing to if nobody wants to hear why turn the radio on it wont even come in clear they thing weel listen if they put it on a movie screen but hollywood cant show me anything i havent seen
Track Name: Microwave
ive got happiness in the palm of my hand americas got this one you know theyve got it canned ive been trying harder than ever before but happiness is farther than ever before weve been playing god for longer than we should i can see the outcome and its not looking good id be better off if id stop trying so hard to define success as money sex and honey self indulgent self fulfilling prophecy thats leading me far from the man that i could be if truth outweighed this microwave society that says youre free when youve acquired all you need to rely on nothing beside yourself
Track Name: Judas
oh God i have betrayed a man with nothing but my own two hands i know now in my heart that i was wrong i betrayed him with a kiss oh God how did it come to this i never thought that i would hurt some one JUDAS I LOVE YOU EXACTLY HOW YOU ARE JUDAS THEY WILL HATE YOU BECAUSE THEY DONT KNOW WHO YOU ARE take the coins that i was paid oh God i wish that i had stayed at home where i know that i can hurt no one but i cant change these things ive done i hope i never see the sun rise up over those mountain tops again with so much blood on my hands this tree will be the end of me there cant be any forgiveness here not for me no not for me go and buy the potters field with the coins that have revealed his greatest sin on earth was on that day but know the blood thats on his hands is the blood that was planned to wash away the sin he is running from God wash away the sin i am running from
Track Name: Not Today
where on earth did we come from where the hell will we go where is heaven God im crying out for more when my Father is near i swear to God i can do anything when my purpose is clear i swear to God i can do anything but i cant not today what on earth are we doing here where the hell will we go where is heaven God im crying out for more a stream of my blood meets with a river of my sweat and flows to an ocean of tears that Youre walking on i try to walk to you but im just quakin at the knoees im sinking now i think im gonna drown then You pour the ocean out on the floor You say son I love you and it all becomes clear oh my God i believe will you help this un belief of mine
Track Name: Finish Last
ive been running im so tired i just want to find a place a place to call my own i dont know what it looks like or where ill be but i know its somewhere far from here im just going nowhere fast and im so sure to finish last is that good or is that bad and why does this world just make me so sad ive been searching everywhere for clues but im sure theyre somewhere far from her theyre hidden high and buried deep and oh my God why is this learning curve so steep